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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the cost?
  • As mentioned before, since each client’s payroll package is different, we don’t have one set price. Based on what you, the client, wants, you can fill out a contact sheet with what you are looking for and we will send you a free estimate. When we give you a price it is set for one entire year. We will debit a bank account of your choice on the last business day of the month. The amount is the same each month with no surprises. If we quote you a one year price of $1,200, we will debit your account on the last business day of the month for $100. It’s that easy! 

I currently use a payroll company that I am not happy with. How do I go about changing to Five Star?
  • This happens a lot. We will discuss with you the easiest date to transition over to our firm. Sometimes it is in the middle of a month; sometimes it is easier and more cost effective the wait until a new quarter begins. We can choose a start date together and have everything already set up in our system ahead of time, so the transition between the old payroll firm and ours is smooth and error free. We will work with you, and if permitted, with the old payroll firm to ensure all payroll has been accounted for and is reported accurately.

What do you mean by "custom tailored" packages?
  • Each of our clients wants various things. You can choose how you want to report your hours; phone, fax, email and soon-the client access page. You can choose if you want actual physical payroll checks that you sign and hand out to employees, or if you prefer direct deposit for your employees. You can choose to have the employee’s check stubs emailed, faxed, physically mailed or picked up. You can choose the quantity and type of payroll reports after each pay. Some clients do not want a summary report and some want a detailed report of total wages, taxes, etc. Many clients choose a basic summary report after each pay, and a more detailed report for the month.  There are a lot of different combinations which is why it is hard to place a set price on our services. Just fill out the contact sheet and we will gladly base a price on that!

You don't currently do our taxes. Can you still complete our payroll?
  • Of course! We can work hand in hand with your current CPA firm as well to send them reports or copies of taxes in order to complete your tax return. Almost all of our payroll clients are tax clients because to them it is so much easier to have all of your business needs met in ONE place. You don’t need to have several different people trying to get things together so you can get your tax returns or financial statements done. Our clients love the fact that when they walk in they can get everything done in one place!
My main business is in Pennsylvania, but some of my employees live elsewhere. Is this a problem?
  • While obviously most of our clients are located in PA, we do have some clients that have branches out in other states, as well as employees that reside out of state. Currently, we filed tax reports in:

    • Pennsylvania

    • Ohio

    • West Virginia

    • Connecticut

    • California

    • New York

    • North Carolina

    • Georgia

  • We are not opposed to going into other states as well!

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